About Us


After years of saving, searching and dreaming, in 2001 my partner and I achieved our life-long goal: we purchased an apartment in the world’s most beautiful city, Paris.

We never imagined that just a few years later we would build an apartment rental business, anchored upon our bright and lovely hideaway, tucked in the center of the city’s historic, medieval birthplace, the Marais. We have a long history and experience with Paris and Europe, dating back to 1968. We never believed we would create a business that would be fun and exciting to operate. It grew out of our love of France and Europe.

At the time, we thought we could make a few extra dollars by renting our apartment to tourists while we were back home in the states, which of course was the majority of any given year. We started by placing ads on vacation/apartment rental websites, and due to its location and unusually large size for a Parisian one-bedroom dwelling, our apartment proved popular, and we were able to rent it often.

Then we decided to build our own website and advertise our apartment ourselves (https://www.rentparisnow.com). Initially, by word of mouth, other Paris apartment owners sought us out, and asked us to showcase and rent out their apartments while they were away.

As if by luck, short-term vacation apartment rentals began to become more popular than hotels, as this gives travelers the ability to stay in a neighborhood and experience a city as locals do.

Thus, Rent Paris Now was born (https://www.rentparisnow.com).

Since then, we’ve been able to build and promote an extensive collection of more than 500 apartments – mostly in Paris, but also throughout France and other European countries. Our properties range from small studios to large, multi-roomed luxury flats and town homes; our clientele are tourists like us, families, business people, fashion designers and people in the performing arts – all whom share a great love for Paris and Europe.

All of our carefully selected properties are situated in prime locations, and offer the latest modern conveniences, updated kitchens, and of course, Internet access.

We love renting apartments, and we especially enjoy accommodating our client’s needs, as we recognize that for many a European vacation is the trip of a lifetime. As such, we go all out to make certain that our multilingual staff is readily available to help our guests with any assistance necessary.

Over the past ten years our guests have showered us with high ratings. In fact, Rent Paris Now has been honored (via FlipKey/TripAdvisor®) as the best rental agency in Paris for several years. It inspires us when we read the positive testimonials posted on social media, public Internet locations, or detailed in our apartments’ guest books. It tells us we continue to do what we enjoy best.


Jose Arturo Ibarra & Foster Edward Baker, Jr.